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FALL 2017

FALL 2017

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We’ve wrangled up must-read content for ELife’s Fall issue flavored with the grit and grace of Erie’s authentic cowboys and cowgirls. From maverick Western fashion and style to cowgirls and cowboys from days gone by, we dust off our history and deliver it with a wild twist. We corral content that empowers your buckaroos, including a heartfelt approach to bully-proofing and hearty back-to-school snacks. Plus, we dig up tips for your homestead, helping you gauge the truth of that adage “you’ve got to spend money to make money” when it comes to home-on-the-range improvements.

To get in the frontier spirit, this city slicker embarked on a six-day summer camping adventure at Yellowstone National Park with my husband, son, and four neighbor families. Until now, roughing it for me meant staying at a three-star hotel instead of a swanky five-star resort. But I tackled the uncharted terrain of MIA showers (leaving me to reek of DEET instead of Chanel), swatting mosquitoes instead of sipping Moscato, and foregoing my 800-thread-count sheets for a paper-thin sleeping bag thrown atop twigs and rocks. (Oy, the aches!) Plus, my li’l cowpoke was literally hog-tied as he was camping on crutches nursing a broken ankle. Talk about fortitude! But truly, it was worth it. We sat ‘round the campfire, marveled at the spectacular scenery, and caught glimpses of elk, moose, deer, and hawks. You just can’t replicate this experience in the city.

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